Backup power solutions

Power outages are commonplace around the world – whether it’s a minor disruption that reboots your router and takes time to get your internet back up and running or a major disruption where you have no power for hours at a time. These power outages always result in a huge loss of productivity and you never know when the power will be restored or when it will go off again. A small UPS (uninterrupted power supply) can help in the short term, but they generally cannot run more than a couple lights and a computer or two for more than half an hour.

A better solution would be to install a battery bank and inverter system. This would then provide you with seamless power in the event of a power outage. The inverter will switch on within 20 milliseconds meaning that all your electronic equipment continues to function. When power is restored, the inverter switches seamlessly back to charging the batteries. We can tailor make a system to suit your office requirements whether you just need lights and computers, or kettles and photocopiers. If you do not want to pay your power supply company to keep your batteries charged, a small system of solar panels could do that for you! If you already have a generator, but need to run around to plug it in every time the power goes out, we can link it in to the system to provide you with continual power.

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Help create a Waterwise Nation

Somarela metsi.png

While the Botswana government tries to put together a National Water Policy (NWP), looking after our water resources can start at home or at the office.

With our range of water treatment solutions, you can produce drinking-quality water and save having to continually buy treated water. More importantly, our solutions (unlike reverse osmosis) keep the all important minerals in, making the water healthier!

In addition, the BIOROCK compact domestic sewage treatment plant allows you to reuse your wastewater (shower, basin, kitchen, laundry and toilet) on your garden or for larger irrigation purposes.

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Why LED bulbs are the best option

A bulb comparison






30000-50000 hours

8000-10000 hours

1200-1300 hours

Watts per bulb   (60W equivalent)




Cost per bulb




Energy used over 50000hrs

500 kWh

700 kWh

3000 kWh

Cost of electricity @ P0.75/kWh (A)




Bulbs needed for 50000 hours

1 – 2

5 – 6

38 – 42

Bulb expense (B)

P275 – P550

P150 – P180

P300 – P330

Total cost (A+B)

P650 – P925

P675 – P705

P2550 – P2580

  • An incandescent bulb uses over 4 times more electricity than the other types
  • The overall price of bulbs does not differ too much between the three different types, because of the low cost, but also short lifespan on the incandescent bulbs.
  • Overall, LED’s and CFL’s will cost 25-33% of the cost of incandescent bulbs.

ECOROCK- How does it work?

a.jpgThe ECOROCK® units are packaged domestic sewage treatment plants (STP) based on the trickling filter process and comprising two stages. The raw sewage first enters a primary tank (or existing septic tank) to provide primary separation of water and solids and breakdown of organic solids by means of anaerobic digestions (or fermentation). The solids-free sewage then passes through an effluent filter and into the ECOROCK unit, which incorporates the aerobic filtration process comprising layers of unique ECOROCK filtration media.

The aeration of the primary tank (optional) and ECOROCK units is both executed by natural draft. The final treated discharge from the ECOROCK is either discharged by gravity or (more typically) collected in a pump well, where a small automatic submersible pump is utilized to lift the final effluent directly to a sprinkler or holding tank for further use.

Make your own gas – Biogas

Biogas image and logo.jpgBiogas is a combustible mixture of methane and carbon dioxide which is produced through the anaerobic breakdown of organic waste materials such as sewerage, kitchen waste and manure.

The BiogasPro is a range of highly efficient prefabricated biogas digesters designed specifically to meet the needs of households, rural settlements and farms as a waste management system as well as producing cooking gas. It is essentially underground tank that produces biogas and liquid fertilizer by digesting the organic materials that are fed into the system.

This biogas produced is then used as a fuel for cooking, lighting or generating electricity. A family, using only their food waste to feed the digester, can replace between 25 – 50% of their cooking fuel.

The liquid fertilizer produced can either be a) fed into a septic tank (or sewer), b) fed into an aerobic system (like a reedbed) to further treat the water or c) can be used for gardens and fields.

To see a completed biogas project in action, click here to watch a video of a school in South Africa where a biogas system was installed.