ECOROCK- How does it work?

a.jpgThe ECOROCK® units are packaged domestic sewage treatment plants (STP) based on the trickling filter process and comprising two stages. The raw sewage first enters a primary tank (or existing septic tank) to provide primary separation of water and solids and breakdown of organic solids by means of anaerobic digestions (or fermentation). The solids-free sewage then passes through an effluent filter and into the ECOROCK unit, which incorporates the aerobic filtration process comprising layers of unique ECOROCK filtration media.

The aeration of the primary tank (optional) and ECOROCK units is both executed by natural draft. The final treated discharge from the ECOROCK is either discharged by gravity or (more typically) collected in a pump well, where a small automatic submersible pump is utilized to lift the final effluent directly to a sprinkler or holding tank for further use.

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