Lithium ion – portable power

We have just received the first of a new range of lithium ion batteries. Because of their huge energy density, they now offer portable power in the smaller battery range.

Pocket rocketIMG_0048

This 13V battery only weighs 13kg and packs in the same amount of energy as a 200Ah (yes, all 65kg’s of it).

It’s portable, has easy screw-on terminals on top and even comes with a built-in volt meter!

As it is a lithium ion battery, you can use all 1000Wh, unlike lead acid which you should only use 30% ideally. Most importantly, it can be cycled 5000 times (at 80% depth of discharge or 4000 times 90%) compared to 1200 cycles of lead acid batteries of this size.

It also charges quicker – with a maximum charging current of 100A, means it can be fully charged in less than 2 hours!

Call us to pick up or order yours today!

The rest of the range includes batteries for 12V, 24V and 48V systems from 77Ah (1000Wh in the 12V system) to 1250Ah on the 48V for a massive 65kWh of usage power! At this level they are no longer portable but are 5 times lighter than a lead acid option and take up about 4 times less space.

Keep watching for more details on the rest of the range.

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