Photovoltaic (solar panel) mounting and connections

end clampvariosoleantitheft

  • Aluminium mounting rails and clips
  • Anti-theft clamps

PV cableBOS01-001BOS01-002

  • PV cable: 4mm red and black double-insulted and UV-resistant photovoltaic cable
  • MC4 clips (male and female) and parallel connectors



  • PV-rated fuses, isolators and surge protection devices (SPD’s)


Battery and inverter connections

megafusebatt swterminal.png

  • Victron Mega fuse holders and fuses
  • DC-rated isolator switches (up to 250A)
  • Insulated distribution studs


crimp lugs

  • Various crimping lugs
  • 4mm, 10mm, 16mm, 35mm, 50mm and 70mm battery cable


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