Make your own gas – Biogas

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Biogas is a combustible mixture of methane and carbon dioxide which is produced through the anaerobic breakdown of organic waste materials such as sewerage, kitchen waste and manure.

The BiogasPro is a range of highly efficient prefabricated biogas digesters designed specifically to meet the needs of households, rural settlements and farms as a waste management system as well as producing cooking gas. It is essentially underground tank that produces biogas and liquid fertilizer by digesting the organic materials that are fed into the system.

This biogas produced is then used as a fuel for cooking, lighting or generating electricity. A family, using only their food waste to feed the digester, can replace between 25 – 50% of their cooking fuel.

The liquid fertilizer produced can either be a) fed into a septic tank (or sewer), b) fed into an aerobic system (like a reedbed) to further treat the water or c) can be used for gardens and fields.

To see a completed biogas project in action, click here to watch a video of a school in South Africa where a biogas system was installed.

Biogas can be used on standard LPG appliances which have been retrofitted with biogas nozzles – check the manufacturers specifications for details on how to do this. Alternatively, a range of accessories are available, including piping, regulators, gas cookers and hot water geysers.

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