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The ECOROCK® is a compact biological sewage treatment plant designed for domestic-type sewage and provides complete sewage treatment and water recycling for up to 100 people – without electricity!

The system relies on gravity to trickle the untreated wastewater through the unit while the innovative chimney system passively draws air through the process to provide aeration. Since the process is aerobic, there are no odours. As there are no motors or moving parts, it operates completely silently and keeps maintenance and operational costs low and reliability maximized.

Here are some of our completed projects

How it works

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How does it work?

There are two main units available – both operate on the same treatment system descried above

  • The ECOROCK units are the treatment units which can be retrofitted to existing septic tanks and conservancies. 
  • The MONOBLOCK has an integrated septic tank and pumpwell

ECOROCK treatment unit

These are available in 6, 8, 15 and 30 person models. Multiple units can be connected in parallel to service up to 180-person systems.

The ECOROCK-1000 (6 people) has an integrated pumpwell to allow the final treated water to be pumped out to a set of sprinklers
An ECOROCK-5000 unit can handle up to 30 people’s domestic waste or 5000L per day

These treatment units can be retrofitted to existing septic tanks or conservancies or can be used in new installations by adding above- or below-ground septic tanks. 




MONOBLOCKThe Monoblock incorporates a 2000L septic tank before the treatment unit as well as an integrated pumpwell after the treatment, making this a “plug and play” solution for up to 6 people.

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