Backup power solutions

Power outages are commonplace around the world – whether it’s a minor disruption that reboots your router and takes time to get your internet back up and running or a major disruption where you have no power for hours at a time. These power outages always result in a huge loss of productivity and you never know when the power will be restored or when it will go off again. A small UPS (uninterrupted power supply) can help in the short term, but they generally cannot run more than a couple lights and a computer or two for more than half an hour.

A better solution would be to install a battery bank and inverter system. This would then provide you with seamless power in the event of a power outage. The inverter will switch on within 20 milliseconds meaning that all your electronic equipment continues to function. When power is restored, the inverter switches seamlessly back to charging the batteries. We can tailor make a system to suit your office requirements whether you just need lights and computers, or kettles and photocopiers. If you do not want to pay your power supply company to keep your batteries charged, a small system of solar panels could do that for you! If you already have a generator, but need to run around to plug it in every time the power goes out, we can link it in to the system to provide you with continual power.

For the convenience of seamless power to allow you to concentrate on your business call us on 686 4450 and let us design a system to keep you productive.