Another 90 P.E. system for a safari camp in the Okavango Delta


This centralized system caters for a camp of 20 guests, 10 members of management and 30 staff members. The reticulation of waste from guest units, the camp kitchen and laundry and the staff village is achieved through septic tanks and pump tanks at these areas.

The main treatment plant consists of 2 x 5000L final holdings tanks in series followed by 3 x ECOROCK-5000 units in parallel, allowing up to 15000L of water to be treated on a daily basis.



We’re busy commissioning this new solar system for a safari camp in the Okavango Delta. The system will soon be fully operation when the camp opens, but for now the construction team is utilizing the power and we’re using this as a test run to see how the system performs.

All in all, this system will save the company hundred of thousands of Pula in fuel bills. The system will produce enough to handle the daily needs of the camp with a battery capacity to allow a full day of use on limited solar input. There is an automated 80kVA generator on standby for the rainy season (November to March).


Lithium ion upgrade


We recently upgraded the battery bank at Sango Camp in Khwai. We used a 16kWh 52V (310Ah) Blue Nova lithium ion battery to replace a 900Ah lead acid battery bank. So far, the change has been dramatic, with the batteries getting to a 100% SOC on a daily basis despite cloudy weather – mainly due to the efficiency (96%) of the lithium ion system compared to 70% of a lead acid battery.