Solar gadgets

We have a selection of small, affordable portable solar gadgets including battery packs and lighting systems



This range of portable battery packs offer lighting as well as a USB and cigarette lighter port for keeping accessories charged.

Ecoboxx 50 with 2 lights and a 5W panel – P1600 incl. VAT

Ecoboxx 90 with 4 lights and a 10W panel – P2500 incl. VAT

Ecoboxx 160+ with a 150W inverter, 2 lights and a 20W panel – P4000 incl. VAT

My Powa


This solar rechargeable portable battery pack with a directional torch offer a 2200mAh internal battery – enough to recharge most smart phones. P500

My Lamp

My Lamp Online_Image.jpgThis lanterns offers an adjustable 120 lumen LED light for up to 8 hours of power and a solar panel for recharging. It also has a winding handle for manual charging and a USB port for keeping you phone charged! P300

My Lite+


The My Lite+ offers a removable 200 lumen light bulb with a USB port and 4000mAh battery together with a small solar panel. P450

Handi Lantern


The solar Handi lantern offers a rechargeable lamp with three brightness modes for up to 18 hours of light. It also has a USB port for charging phones and a handy handle for hanging it up! P180