PV inverters

Fronius Symo

The Fronius range of PV inverters offers excellent integration with Victron-based systems and their remote monitoring hardware and software. The range includes a variety of single- and three-phase models suitable for any application.

SMA Sunny Boy

The SMA Sunny Boy range of grid inverters offers you a non-storage solar solution. The solar panels feed through the inverter directly into the AC grid, reducing the power you use from BPC and reducing your electricity bill. Without storage, the grid-tie option drastically reduces the initial setup costs. During grid failures, the system will shut down, but can be linked to a small battery bank and inverter system to keep the essential items running.

Single-phase models from 1.5kW and three-phase models from 5kW are available and can be coupled together or larger systems.

With the help of the SMA energy meter and Home Manager we can make sure you don’t feed back into the grid.

SMA home managerSMA energy meter


We carry a selection of panel mounting systems, MC4 clips, PV cable, DC cable, crimping lugs, battery switches, fuses, DC isolators and other items for installations – see our accessories page for more details

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