LED lighting

LED’s and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) are becoming obvious choices to replace halogen and incandescent bulbs as they are considerably more energy efficient. For example, a 5W LED bulb produces the same amount of light as a 40W incandescent bulb using 12% of the power. They have a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs (up to 8 times for CFL’s and 40 times for LED’s). We offer two colour options of LED lighting – warm white (slightly yellow) or cool white (blue white).

We have a darkroom in our shop in order to experience the different lighting effects.

LED Downlights:

Using as little as 2W, these are a great replacements for household and office lighting. We stock both 230V AC (GU10) and 12V DC (MR16) options in both warm white and cool white. We stock flat compact 3W cabinet lights, which are ideal for additional kitchen or office lighting

LED Bulbs:

These are more energy efficient (using between 5W and 9W) than CFL’s but produce the same amount of light as a 14W CFL (or a 60W incandescent). They run on 240V and are available in screw (E27) and bayonet (B22) fittings so are easily fitted into existing sockets. They are available in warm white or pure white.

We also have LED golf ball and candle bulbs in B22 and E27

We stock a small range of 12V bulbs (E27 and B22)

LED floodlights:

We stock a range of LED floodlights ranging from 10W to 50W which are available in either 12V or 240V. We also have motion sensing lights, which are perfect for exterior security installations or to save power in solar applications.

LED tubes:

These energy efficient lights are excellent replacements for fluorescent tubes and are available in both cool and warm white. They are available in 4W (1 ft long), 14W (3ft) and 18W (5 ft). They can be fitted into the standard fluorescent housing, with some minor electrical modifications. Alternatively, we have a range of complete units with a tube and body housing. Replacing fluorescent with LED can save up to 66% of your energy needs.

LED strip lights:

These flexible strip lights are perfect for under counter lighting or decorative lighting. They run on 12V and are waterproof, so make an ideal option for outside deck lighting. They are available in both warm white and colour changing RGB.

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