Rain Harvesting

Rain water is the cleanest and safest water source – and its free! With our water resources (such as dams) becoming less reliable, rainwater harvesting can provide you with quality water and put less strain on the national water supply grid.

Did you know:

 For every 1 mm of rainfall, you can collect 1L of water for every 1m2 of roof area

That means you can collect 1000L from a 10mm of rain off a 100m2 roof!

We offer a range of solutions for building a sound backup water system to ensure clean, safe water for you household, office block, guest house or safari camp.


For more information visit the Rain Harvesting website – www.rainharvesting.com.au

For a pressure boosting system, Davey’s RainBank pressure controller will prioritize the stored rainwater over the mains/municipal supply as below:


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