Solar charge controllers

Victron introduces its first MPPT with built-in Bluetooth – and now available in a 250V model (to accommodate longer strings)smartsolar-charge-controller-150-100-mc4_top_display_web
The amount of power that a solar system produce varies depending on the amount of sunlight, cloud cover and time of day. It is imperative that this power is regulated before being transferred to the batteries to avoid overcharging and damaging the batteries. In order to protect your batteries, solar charge controllers (sometimes referred to as regulators) are installed between the PV modules and the batteries. There are a variety of charge controllers available (ranging from 6A to 100A) depending on the size of the system. We have a range of more efficient MPPT (maximum power point tracker) charge controllers, which will maximize the power produced by the panels and improve the efficiency of your system.
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