Remote Monitoring

We carry stock of accessories for solar and backup systems, including monitoring devices and communication cables.

bmv 700

Battery monitor:

The Victron BMV-700 series battery monitor gives constant feedback on the state of charge of the batteries as well as the amount of power consumed – essential information for any installation. Other functions include a battery temperature reading, cumulative amphour usage and a secondary battery voltage reading.

The new Bluetooth-enabled battery monitor (BMV-712 Smart) can be connected  directly to a smart phone to allow access and programming.

Download the Victron Connect app here and call us to order your new monitor

Colour Control GX


The Colour Control (CCGX) is a complete visual control centre to monitor and manange your solar plant. It can connect to the entire suite of Victron products including inverters, charge controllers and battery monitors. It can be used to start and stop a generator (either automatically or manually) and will interface with Fronius grid-tied inverters.

VRM Online Portal

VRM example

Besides monitoring and controlling products, the colour control connects to your local network to upload realtime data to the free remote monitoring website: the VRM Online Portal. If you don’t need a screen, but still need the remote monitoring, the Venus GX offers similar functionality at a lower cost.

To get an impression of the VRM Online Portal, visit