Solar box

Energie Solar box - Copy


The combination of a heat pump and solar thermal collector makes the Energie Solar Box unrivaled in energy efficiency – improving water heating efficiency by 50% compared to traditional heat pumps (and up to 75% over typical geysers).

The retrofit design means you can install it onto your existing geyser tank and take it with you if you move house! The thermodynamic panel does not need to be in direct sunlight – either mounted on an external wall or even in a roof space will provide enough heating capacity for all geysers up to 300L.

The Working Principal

An ecological fluid passes through the solar panel at a temperature of -15ºC, thereby allowing the collection of the energy from the sun, rain and wind. As the fluid is running at negative temperatures, it collects the heat from the air by natural convection, working also at night.

The fluid is then compressed, in the Solar Box which causes the fluid temperature to increase. The heat is then released into the circulating water by way of a high performance plate heat exchanger.Finally, the fluid goes through an expansion valve and will evaporate into the aluminium solar panel and the process repeats.

Some questions…

Will I have hot water when there is no sun?

Yes. The fluid passes through the panel at very low temperatures. It can therefore receive more solar energy than a normal liquid, even on days without sun or at night. Because of this thermal difference, the solar panel can capture the heat existing in the environment and transmit it to the water.

Does the Solar Box require extensive maintenance care?

Maintenance is non-existent and the fluid does not need to be recharged.

At what distance must the panel be from the Solar Box?

At a maximum distance of 12 metres.

Do the panels have to be installed on the roof?

They can be installed on the roof, on the wall, on a at roof, terrace, on the ground, etc…

Please find more information and a technical sheet here