Solar pumps

SQFlex borehole pump
CRFlex surface pump

The Grundfos borehole (SQFlex) and surface (CRFlex) pumps are the most reliable renewable energy solution for areas without electricity.

The solar borehole pumps can be sized and installed by our team – all we need to know is the depth of your borehole and how much water you require a day. The installation is simple – you just need panels and the pump! With its built in features such as dry-running protection makes this the perfect solution for remote areas.

Both the SQFlex and CRFlex pumps can run on DC (solar) and AC (generator), so on days with limited sunlight or if you require more water on a daily basis, they can be powered by a small generator.

For larger borehole requirements, we also offer the Grundfos RSI range of three-phase inverters and pumps.Call us on 686 4450 to get your pump sized.

Find more information on the SQFlex and CRFlex

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