Solar panels

Photovoltaic (or PV) modules – otherwise known as solar panels – are the flat panels used to capture the incoming solar radiation from the sun and convert it into electricity. In Botswana, where we have more sunny days than almost anywhere else in the world, using solar panels is a very efficient way to produce electricity.

Our SolarWorld Sunmodule™ solar panels are one of the most efficient in the world. We carry stock of 50W, 100W, 150W and 250W panels, which are perfect for a variety of applications. However, various other brands and sizes are available such as 100W high voltage panels for our solar pump solutions.

We also stock 10W and 30W panels for smaller applications.

EnerSol        50W: P650.00          100W: P1300.00         150W: P1850.00          250W: P2800

SolarWorld 50W: P850.00          100W: P1700.00         150W: P2450.00          250W: P3800

We carry a selection of panel mounting systems, DC cables, lugs, MC4 clips, battery switches, fuses and other items for installations.

megafusebattery switch     BOS01-002BOS01-001