Solar projects

Residential 1.5kWp (upgradable to 2kWp)


This small 1.5kWp residential system has a 20kWh lead acid battery system and 3kW inverter to cope with fridges and power tools (occasional use). We’ve allowed for an additional 750Wp of solar for future needs.

Residential 2kWp

This residential installation has just had a 16kWh lithium battery bank installed

Safari Camp in the Okavango Delta





The main part of the camp is powered by a 4kWp solar system with 2 x 3kVA Victron Multiplus inverters


Each of the tents have a 200L solar geyser and a 500Wp solar system with a 800W Victron Phoenix inverter housed in a lockable and weatherproof enclosure.

2kWp commercial system in Maun and Kasane


A set of two 2kWp solar installations at the UNDP offices in Maun and Kasane with a 1200VA inverter to provide power to the computers, main server and security lighting. We are also in the process of replacing all the flourescent lighting with LED tube lights.

6kWp Residential solar system in Maun

Flood waters solar2

6kWp rooftop


10kVA inverter system

Residential solar in Chanoga (30km from Maun)

This plant was initially a 1kWp system (left) and was upgraded to a 2kWp system

Commercial solar in Maun


2kWp rooftop with 3kVA inverter